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In a wild world of amazing Factions their are only a couple choices: Join an existing Faction or find friends to make a brand new one. This gamemode is the classic Factions mode where players will do more than survive, they compete to be the biggest and best Faction on the server!


Skyblock is one of the most classic Minecraft minigames, start out on a mini-island with a tree and a couple resources to get you started. Players will complete challenges and submit them to get items they will need for the skyblock to grow. Oh and don't fall off or you're toast. :)


Survival is the basic of our modes, well kinda. We have added a plugin aimed at claiming land so no one can grief you, more specifically, all of your chests are all protected, though you do have a limited amount you can protect, it starts with a small space around your 1st chest and can expand it with a golden shovel.